More Press Interviews

As well as entering the last phase of rehearsals, this has been a week of interviews and press coverage. 

On Thursday 3rd September Wendy Winn of "Radio Ara" broadcast her interview with the cast and crew on her "Happy Hour" show


Then this morning the "Luxembourg Times" published its account of the rehearsal process and its intrefview with the cast

Tickets for both Saturday shows are now sold out - and only one left for each of the other performances!

Now all we have to do is get the show right :) 

Interview with Jazmin Campbell of the

Today the posted Jazmin Campbell's inteview with Cindy & Lina.

Check it out on:

Cindy & Lina with the poster (poster design Joana Giesen; poster photo Alfonso Salgueiro

Tomorrow (Tuesday 1st September) the will be intefrviews by Sarita Rao of the Luxembourg Times and on Thursday Wendy Winn of Radio Ara will brioadcast her talk with the team on her "Corner Café" slot. Watch this space for more links  

Building the set - part 2

On Friday Ilaria brought round the material for the set dressing. So we had our first rehearsal with a rough set up of the stage.

    Ilaria presents the "Redhaired World"


 The effect should be impressive as we move from a bare wooden frame to the flowing red back and canopy.

Set against this are the vibrant colours of Lina's reverseable kimono (also handmade by Ilaria - is there anything she can't do?!?)


 Cindy, Ilaria and Lina show the costumers against the set


On Thursday did another interview, this time with the actresses. Watch out for the link at the start of next week. And we have another interview with Luxembourg Times on Tuesday. Keep watching this space!



Today was Tiara's last rehearsal with us - a vey emotional scene on stage ... and even more emotion off. 


The whole company came together to say goodbye as she leaves to start her Director's training in the US. 

Back row: Ilaria (Designer), Tony (Director), James (Waffle Man) & Tiara (assistant Director)

Front row: the on-stage cast - Lara, Laura, Lina & Cindy


Over the last month and a half, Tiara has been so much more than just an assistant director: she is an inspirational Director in her own right who has provided valuable insight and clear, intelligent input. She has also become a close friend to the actors and I'm sure these are bonds which will never break. She's a remarkable young lady for only 17 and we're happy and proud to have worked with her!


We celebrated her departure with a cake especially made by June. We're so sad to see her go ... but of course excited and happys for her at the start of her exciting new life. A glitering career for sure lies ahead :)

Lots of luck to her in her new life in the new world! Tiara - we'll miss you! Thanks for everything.

Tiara choreographs and directs

So - we reached the part of the show where the "Redhead Twins" have to do a short vaudevile routine!

As choreography (or arguably any form of movement!) isn't really Tony's forte, it was time for Tiara to take the director's chair properly.

Her short routine - incorporating top hats, canes and two support dancers (Laura Burman & Lara O'Donnell)  -is simple, punchy and fun. No complicated, audience participation, line-dancing this year :)


Impressed by the confidence Tiara showed in this, Tony handed Friday's rehearsal (the Redhead's third meeting) to her to direct. She did an impressive job, showing both strong communication skills and a sure sense of the movement of the piece. She also came up with one or two moments of inspired direction. 

Sadly for the show the coming week will be her last with us before she departs to start her Director's course in Michigan. If what we saw in the last two days is anything to go by, a successful professional career is clearly ahead for her.

Tiara in the director's chair

Workshop with Jaqueline Milne

So, we're back into rehearsal. The girls are off-book and we're beginning to shape the play to the stage. Good progress so far!

Yesterday we were treated to another workshop from an outside actress - this time Jacki Milne a former "starr" of the BGT stage ("Jane Eyre" and "Little Women") and fior the last few years working professionally in London. So we siezed the opportunity to get her into the rehearsal room and share her experience with us.

 Jackie, with Lina & Cindy - deep in concentration

After some fun story-telling exercises, Jackie took them further with the actioniong techniques we've been using to explore the text and perfrrmance. Rather than our "broader" method of looking at the action & intention of the characters over the course of sections, she took them through scenes on a line-by-line base, usign one action, then it's opposite action on each line to explore the variations possible in the piece.


After this they explored the use of space and mirroring;  and an especially interesting exercise in which they had to advance or retreat from each other on each line, opening up the "cat and mouse" game-like structuire of their relationship.

     Exploring the space as a group

Don't ask!


It was a fun and very exciting way of opening up the text - and of course lovely to work with Jackie again after so much time. Thanks to her for giving up a couple of hours of her holiday to come by.

Radio Ara interview

On 21st July Cindy, Lina, Tiara & Tony were invited to talk to Wendy Winn of Radio Ara about the show for her weekly culture programme: "Corner Café".

We did it on zoom of course (what did the world do before zoom?)

Lina, Tony, Tiara & Cindy in interview with Wendy Winn of "Radio Ara" 

Wendy was, as ever, on fine form - putting the interviews at their ease and cvovering a wide range of aspects relating to the show. The interview will be broadcast and put out as a podcast sometime in late-August.

Watch this spot. 

Set building

Over the last couple of days, the initial work constructing the framework set for the show has started.

The idea is simple ... it has to be, because we don't know for certain which venue we'll be using. So there will be a 5 meter wide by 2.60 high frame, with a short overhang ... like the canopy on a bed.

Tony with the side pieces to the frame.

This will be open at the start. Then, as the play progresses and Jean and Marilyn enter the "redhaired world" red drapes will drop across the back and sides to create the effect of the frame of a 4-poster bed.  At least that's the plan!!

On Wednesday 5th Tony built the frame (in pieces) and on Thursday Ilaria ... just back from Berlin ... came to confirm the mesasurements for the material. Time to go shopping for cloth!

Ilaria measures for the material 

Rehearsals (and blocking) start on again Monday. With one month to go things will start getting serious :)  

Rita's second workshop

On 23rd July, Rita returned for a second workshop to help the actors open up vocally thrlough use of physicality.

Unfortuately Lina was absent due to illness ... but Cindy and Tiara seemed to have fun!

Take a look!

And we maybe on a short summer break - but that hasn't stopped the publicity machine turning.

Check out the interview with Assistant Director Tiara Partsch in the "" 


Delano Photoshoot

 On Tuesday 21st, "Delano's" Duncan Roberts met with Lina, Cindy & Tiara to discuss their theatre experiences and whatit's like working on "David's RedHaired Death". It was a fun and lively conversation and will be published in mid-August (watch this space).

Then on Wednesday 22nd Romain, the "Delano" photographer came to the rehesarsal space (well, the garden out back actually) to get some shots of the cast. 

And let's be honest ... Cindy only needs a guitar here to fit the whole "country singer" look :)

Shopping Therapy

On Wednesday 15th July we decided to do something a bit different. After spending just over a week working through the first Act, talking about and working on character, intention and the structure of the play, if was time to put the characters into the real world.

So we exchanged workshopping for real shopping.

We met late morning by the Pirate Ship park (I'm sure it has a real name, but hey ...). Here Cindy and Lina used the standard walking exercise to find the rhythm of the Jean and Marilyn. Then they hit the town.

Firstly they had to go shopping alone ... the redheads as they were before they met. Tiara shadowed Jean & Tony shadowed Marilyn until they each ducked into a store. Marilyn was reasonably direct. After a short walk and a not very appreciative glance at a piece of modern street art, she browsed at, then went into the Libraire Francaise. Jean was more dilatory, walking up and down the main street - turning heads as she went apparently! - before determinedly entering H & M.

15 mins later we met up at a café to see what they had bought. Marilyn emerged with a copy of Virginia Woolf 's "Mrs Dalloway". She probably won't read it - but she likes the idea of having it on her shelf. Jean came back with a pair of cool sunglasses, just to add to the Redhead allure ... and a plastic cup with lid and straw ... adorned with a cute dinosaur (of course). Perfect for the long stretches in the car on the way to Marilyn's, or at least until the next Macdonalds!

Then it was time to go shopping together - the Redhaired Twins in action.

From a body-language aspect it was good to see not just how comfortable they looked together, but also the individual dynamics - Jean (Cindy) dragging Marilyn (Lina) into "fun" shops, anything with a brightly-coloured display, while Marilyn went for the "small but beatiful" - procelain, paintings, jewelry. 

It's a good way to bring characters into - put them in a real-life, everyday setting and watch them settle into their skins.

And fun to watch!

Now back to the rehearsal room.        

First rehearsals


Rehearsals for DAVID'S REDHAIRED DEATH started on Wednesday evening with a read-through and meal with the whole company.

A very strong reading by Cindy and Lina and lots of great ideas on interpreatation and design from Tiara and Ilaria. This is has the maskings of a strong and creative team and, as Director, I'm lucky to be working with them. 

On Thursday came the publicity photo-shoot with Alfonso Salgueiro:

We very quickly found the image we were looking for - so thanks to Alfonso for his intuitive work and to Ilaria for the costumes and set-up

Here's the image

  Hope you like it!I'm looking forward to getting into the rehesarsals proper next week. If they're as good as the first meetings it's going to be fun!

5th July 2020



On Tuesday 7th Rita Reis joined us to give one of her amazing workshops on breathing and movement. None of the group (except Tony) hads worked with her before ... but it all clicked really well. Her techniques for freeing up the voice and using that freedom to throw the text around creatively, really helps to unlock aspects of character that might othewise remain unexplored.

nd getting the actors to roll around on the floor is always useful ... or at least fun to watch!

  All in all it was both fun and empowering. We're looking forward to seeing Rita back on 23rd for a second session.