The Berliner Grundtheater e.V. (BGT) was founded in Berlin in 1991 and is dedicated to producing a wide range of English-language plays, while integrating players of different nationalities.  In addition to playing many seasons in Berlin, the company has also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and at Anglo-German Festivals in Germany, and is now based permanently in Luxembourg. The BGT repertoire includes shows by authors as varied as Peter Shaffer, Anthony Minghella, Oscar Wilde and William Shakespeare, as well as original scripts.

Wolves Poster


by Joel Horwood

with Gina Millington, Hayley Dawson, Céline Planata

Designer: Lina Peller Director: Tony Kingston

ISL Studio Theatre

International School Luxembourg, 36 Bd. Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg

Thursday 5th, Friday 6th September at 19.30,

Saturday 7th September 2019 at 14.30 & 19.30

Tickets €15.00 (students €8.00) Reservations:

Produced by arrangement with Nick Hern Books

Not recommended for children under 13

Starting in 2019, the BGT English Theatre Company is proud to announce an annual show which specifically show-cases the abilities and talents of a limited number of young or student actors. The project has two aims:
Firstly, we hope to draw attention to some young actors from Luxembourg, aged between

18 and 23 who are either studying at drama school or are planning to pursue a career in the performing art. Luxembourg schools produce many high-quality actors and actresses who often find it hard to gain recognition. This project will give these young performers a chance to been seen on a public stage, outside the circle of their drama schools.

Secondly, by choosing new and challenging pieces designed for a smaller casts, the project will give the performers a chance to develop their skills by tackling larger roles in pieces which would not, normally, be available to them in the usual drama school or college environments. The actresses will also be paid for their work and will receive a contract as Independent Artists which can be used to build their CVs.
The first show in this programme is Joel Horwood’s thought-provoking 2017 play “WOLVES ARE COMING FOR YOU”. Written to be performed by a small number of actresses playing all the roles, the piece concerns the fear which grips a small village when rumours spread that wolves are menacing the town. As the fear grows to panic, the villagers gather together in a church hall which was built on the site of a former pagan temple – a place where men and women would gather to tell and share stories. After all, doesn’t every person y have a story which explains who they are and why they have arrived at the current place in their lives? As fear grows the town-folk begin to behave like a pack of the very wolves they fear, starting to turn on the outsiders in the community. But the crisis also forces the characters to face themselves and confront the hidden doubts which have brought them to this place The play shows the ease with which fear can turn to isolationism and violence – a trend which can be stopped if we will only listen to everyone else’s story.

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