BETTEMBOURG, LUXEMBOURG. In the rush to finish the set for BGT's upcoming production of Agatha Christies' Verdict the BGT has turned to child labor. Two children ages 8 and 11 (names are being withheld) have allegedly kept from school on Friday, May 8 and forced to complete the set. Working for a man known only as "The BOSS", the children worked for minutes at a time and were only allowed to play there Nintendos during break times. In the pictures leaked to the press by an anonymous informer, the children can be seen using dangerous power tools and being required to use heavy hand tools. "The BOSS" has allegedly stated that the kids are best for this type of work " 'cus they got them nimble little fingers." In the other photo it can be seen that one child was worked to exhaustion and the other child had to take up the extra work.

The working conditions the poor child have allegedly had to endure is also a matter of concern. "The state of the room where the work was done is highly questionable, I mean just look at that rug . Who would put that in their living room?" Said one Luxembourg official after seeing the photos.

As the set is now complete and ready to be loaded in, it is hoped that the children will no longer have to suffer. "The BOSS" remains at large, and is sought by authorities for questioning.

Figure 1

Figure 1 Children clearly seen working on the set for BGT's Verdict.

Figure 2

Figure 2 Same children exhausted from the extreme conditions.