BGT THEATRE is proud to be part of LEAPA's annual Murder Mystery Evening 2024.

Taking place on the "Princess Marie-Astrid" on Friday 14th June this years's mystery is written by June Lowery and is performed by BGT actors  Kim Birel, Bjorn Clasen, Gilles Fernandes, Sabrina Fernandez, Pierre-Yves Lanneau-Saint-Léger, Ariane Spicq and Lindsay Wegleitner.


Maurice Bernard owner of the MB Vineyard on the Moselle is celebrating his 60th birthday - and has an important announcement to make. How will this affect his children, the indolent Chris and ambitious Sophie? Or his sister-in-law and company Vice-President Janet, the family's long-term house-keeper Louise or his Personal Assistant Pia? And why is the archaeology expert Pol Roger inexplicably invited to the party.

But before he can even make his announcement, tragedy strikes - and a murder cuts the event short!!

What secrets are they all hiding - and who is the murderer? Can you follow the clues and solve the mystery?


LEAPA Murder Mystery Dinner 2024








All of the below fun to read as research - even if little of the information made it into the final script !

"The Winemaker’s Wife" by Kristin Harmel (fiction and a great read)
"The Widow Clicquot" by Tilar Mazzeo
"Wine & War" by Don and Petie Kladstrup
"Champagne, how the world’s most glamorous wine triumphed …" Don and Petie Kladstrup
The Story of Wine by Hugh Johnson
"A is for Arsenic - the poisons of Agatha Christie" by Kathryn Harkup
"Murder isn’t easy - The forensics of Agatha Christie" by Carla Valentine