by Stephanie Ridings





 Lina Peller is a Luxembourgish student who is currently studying drama at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. Her interest in theatre found its beginning during her first drama lessons, led by Tony Kingston. Soon after, she applied for the Conservatoire de Luxembourg, where she took part in acting, improvisation and diction classes.

Notable spoken theatre and film performances include: WITCH HUNT by Stuart Arden and SELFIE by Bradley Hayward, directed by Tony Kingston; LADY WINDERMERE'S PHONE at the Theatre National du Luxembourg; DIE PLANETEN at the Philharmonie Luxembourg; and a film role in LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS (Dividante Films).

Alongside her acting experience, Lina was able to gain operating and design experience during her internship in the Münchner Kammerspiele, where she assisted in the costume design for both TIEFER SCHWEB by Christoph Marthaler and MITTELREICH by Anta Helena Recke.  In 2019 she designed the first BGT summer project, WOLVES ARE COMING FOR YOU which was her first commission as the sole costume designer for a show.

In September 2020 she co-starred in the BGT’s production of DAVID'S REDHAIRED DEATH by Sherry Kramer. She was also scheduled to play in this year’s CORONAVIRUS CHRONICLES until postponements of the show meant she had to drop out because of a clash of schedules. She is planning to start her Master at drama school in the UK in autumn 2021.


FERELITH KINGSTON - Assistant Director

Ferelith studied at the European School, Luxembourg and graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2020, after completing a BA (hons) in Musical Theatre. She has worked as both director and Assistant Director on a variety of projects such as the musical “All Shook Up”, the operetta “Orpheus In The Underworld”, and the recent BGT production of “The Coronavirus Chronicles”. As the co-founder of Swell Theatre Company she is hoping to bring the original musical “Double Date! The Musical”, which she co-wrote, to the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. She wrote and directed the short online play “Rehearsal Etiquette” for the virtual version of the Edinburgh Festival last summer and this piece was revived for “The Corona Virus Chronicles” in February this year. She plans to continue pursuing directing and is hoping to start her Master in theatre directing in Ireland this autumn.



Laura studied at the International School of Luxembourg and is planning to start a BA (hons) in Theatre Design in the UK next year. Her interest in theatre began with acting, in plays such as "ALMOST MAINE" (which appeared at FEST in 2020), but quickly evolved into a specific interest in Theatre Design. She has worked as a Costume/Stage Designer in a variety of school productions, such as "TRIFLES", "WEST SIDE STORY", "LES MISERABLES", "ALMOST MAINE" and "TWELFTH NIGHT".
"THE ROAD TO HUNTSVILLE" marks her first commission as a sole designer. She has previously worked with BGT on "WOLVES ARE COMING FOR YOU" in 2018 and "DAVID’S REDHAIRED DEATH" in 2020. In the next years she hopes to pursue her passion for design as a career.


 CATRIONA GILLHAM - Lighting Design

Catriona first got a taste for the world of theatre not long after her arrival in Luxembourg, in 2015, when she played a desperate cockney strawberry seller in 'Oliver!', with Pirates Productions. There was no getting rid of her after that: she has been elbowing her way into pretty much everything she can since then, whether onstage or backstage in the lighting booth, with the BGT, Pirates Productions, or NWTC. Her first show with the BGT was June Lowery's adaptation of 'A Christmas Carol' in December 2016, in which she played Scrooge's nephew's wife. She relishes the chance to surround herself with more creative people. Her favourite aspect of designing lighting is reading through the script to analyse the deeper subtleties of a given play's mood, setting and dynamics, and pick out ideal places for random strobe lighting. She also enjoys having the privilege to watch a given production six times in a row from the very back of the hall.



MARC KAYSEN - Lighting and Back Projection

An engineer by education, Marc has been working at the junction between technology and the creative arts ever since he moved to New York in 2015 to carry out filming, video editing and website design for various dynamic, young entrepreneurs. Having established a client base there, he then capitalised on the nomadic (online) possibilities provided by that work by travelling through Europe and Asia, before coming back to settle in his native Luxembourg. Since coming back home, he has been involved in the local arts scene by volunteering as a lighting/sound technician for shows by the BGT and Pirates Productions, by translating subtitles for short Luxembourgish films into English, and through involvement in the creative committee for Rollingergrund's wind orchestra.