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by Joel Horwood

ISL Studio Theatre

36 Bd. Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg

Thursday 5th, Friday 6th September at 19.30, Saturday 7th September 2019 at 14.30 & 19.30



Starting in 2019, the BGT English Theatre Company is proud to announce an annual show which specifically show-cases the abilities and talents of a limited number of young or student actors. The project has two aims:


Firstly, we hope to draw attention to some young actors from Luxembourg, aged between 18 and 23 who are either studying at drama school or are planning to pursue a career in the performing art. Luxembourg produces many high-quality actors and actresses, almost all of home study theatre abroad, but often find it hard to gain recognition. This project will give these young performers a chance to been seen on a public stage, outside the circle of their drama schools.


Secondly, by choosing new and challenging pieces designed for a smaller casts, the project will give the performers a chance to develop their skills by tackling larger roles in pieces which would not, normally, be available to them in the usual drama school or college environments. It will have the chance to showcase their talents to the public and to others in the theatre world. The actresses will also be paid for their work and will receive a contract as Independent Artists which can be used to build their CVs.

The first show in this programme, will be Joel Horwood’s thought-provoking 2017 play “WOLVES ARE COMING FOR YOU”. Written to be performed by a small number of actresses playing all the roles, the piece concerns the fear which grips a small village when rumours spread that wolves are menacing the town. As the fear grows to panic, the villagers gather together in a church hall which was built on the site of a former pagan temple – a place where men and women would gather to tell and share stories. After all, doesn’t every person and every community have a story which explains who they are and why they have arrived at the current place in their lives? As the town-folk begin to behave like a pack of the very wolves they fear, they start to turn on the outsiders in the community. But this crisis also forces the characters to face themselves and confront the hidden doubts which have brought them to this place The play shows the ease with which fear can turn to isolationism and violence – a trend which can be stopped if we will only listen to everyone else’s story.

An enemy is someone whose story you have not heardIrene Butter

Tickets and more information will be available from May 2019 at:

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Hayley Dawson




Hayley graduated from the European School of Luxemburg in 2018 and is currently completing her first year at University College Dublin. She began acting at school aged 11 and studied for LAMDA (distinction, levels 2 & 3). She has attended courses at Mountview School of Drama, London in 2015 and RADA in 2017 and 2018. She studied Modern and Classical Dance for 9 years at Svetlana Lebedinskaya’s Ballet Russe School and Helen’s Dance and participated in the “World Dance Movement” workshop in Spain (2015) and Italy (2016).


At school she appeared in numerous shows including “The Wizard of Oz” (as The Wicked Witch of the West), Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None” (as Justice Wargrave) and Thornton Wilder’s Our Town(as The Stage Manager). She also co-performed a self-choreographed dance for the musical “Phantoms” in 2014.


Outside school she played in several productions at major Luxembourg theatres including the Centre Culturel Neimënster, the Kulturhaus Mersch and the Theatre National. These include:

Little Women” as Jo (BGT English Theatre Company, adapted by June Lowery 2014); “Lady Windermere’s Phone” as Lady Windermere (by Ada Günther, Theatre National de Luxembourg 2015); “A Christmas Carol” as The Ghost of Christmas Past (BGT English Theatre Company, adapted by June Lowery - 2016) and “Murder at the Merry Music Maker Awards” an interactive murder mystery (BGT English Theatre Company & LEAPA 2017). She was also an extra in the 2016 film Toygun”


Since moving to Dublin, she has performed in “Radiant Vermin” as Miss Dee/Kay (Feb 2019), also played at the ISDA Festival in Belfast, April 2019; “Visiting Necropolis” (Feb-March 2019) and “In the Republic of Happiness” as Mum (April 2019)








Gina Millington




Gina graduated from the European School of Luxemburg in 2018 and has studied drama at Loughborough University from 2018-2019. In September 2019 she is transferring to Durham University. She began acting at school aged 12, gained “distinction” in LAMDA grade 2 & 3 exams, has participated in “The West End Stage” musical workshop in London and took additional workshops on the Meisner Technique and Voice and Movement while studying at Loughborough. She also took a two week intensive workshop in Acting Technique at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London in 2017


Her numerous school shows include: “The Wizard of Oz” (as Dorothy); “The Waiting Room” by John Waterhouse (as the lead role Becky), Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None” (as Vera Stanhope); and Thornton Wilder’s Our Town(as Mrs Gibbs). She was also a dancer and co-choreographer for the musical “Phantoms” in 2014.


Her theatre work outside school includes productions at major Luxembourg theatres like the Centre Culturel Neimënster, the Kulturhaus Mersch and the Gieseknäppchen Forum. Among these are:

Little Women” as Beth (BGT English Theatre Company, adapted by June Lowery 2014); “Fifty” by Archie Wilson as Jessica (NWTC /BGT Theatre 2015); “A Christmas Carol” as Martha Cratchit & Narrator (adapted by June Lowery; BGT 2016) and the Luxembourg premier of Tom Wright’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” as Amber (BGT 2018)

In the UK she has performed as Denise in the “The Eyes of the Phantom” (LSU Stage Society 2018)


Film work includes extra work in “Toygun” (2016) and the lead role, Susan in “Dominus Sathanus” (SAMSA FILMS, director Sebastian Thill 2018 -








Céline Planata




Céline will graduate from the Lycée Michel Lucius in July 2019 and has offers to study drama from AMDA (American Musical and Drama Academy) and East 15 School of Drama in London and at Essex and Kent Universities. She has done several LAMDA exams including Acting (grades 7 & 8), Musical Theatre (grade7) and has taken courses at LAMDA in London in Screen Acting and Audition Technique. She also studied acting at the École de Théatre á Luxmbourg. She has taken intensive pre-professional musical theatre training with the Boston Children’s Theatre Studio 4 and studied voice with Fernand Delosch and Gerd Floden. Her dance training includes ballet, jazz and modern at the Li Marteling Dance Studio and at Esperance.


Her musical theatre performances include: “Calamity Jane” (Enemble), “Lost in the Stars” (Dancer),

Showtime: The Best of Broadway” (Elphaba & Bell,), “Scrooge” (Mrs Dilber,) and “Oliver” (as Bet), all for Pirate Productions, Luxembourg. She has also performed in “Legally Blonde – The Musical” and in “Dem Gina seng Welt” (as Gina) for the Service National Jeunesse.


Her spoken theatre credits include: “On the Verge” (undertudying Mary) for the Boston Children’s Theatre; the Luxembourg premier of Tom Wright’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” as Irma Leopold/Constable (BGT English Theatre Company, Centre Culturel Neiméster 2018) and “The Last Word in Murder” as Jane (BGT/LEAPA May 2019)


Her film work includes: “Lost in the Moment” as Holly (Luxemburg Film School) and “Black 47” (feature film) as Maid (SAMSA Films)














Lina Peller


Lina will graduate in Theaterwissenschaft from the Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität in Munich in February 2020. Born in Luxembourg, she studied at the Lycée Michel Rodange in the Art section where, among other subjects, she took a three year course in English Drama. From 2013-2016 she took classes in Acting and Diction (in German) at the Conservatoire de Luxembourg.

While studying in Munich she did two internships at the “Münchner Kammerspiele” working as a costume assistant and equipment trainee on the plays “Mittelreich Black by Anta Helena Recke and “Tiefer Schwebby Christoph Marthaler. Her duties included being responsible for the costumes, finding and modelling new costumes, liaising between the acting ensemble, the tailoring team, the make-up department and the props department and assisting with the set and costume design.

While in Luxembourg she acted in several plays including Witch Hunt” by Stuart Arden (as The Witch Finder) LMRL 2014, “Lady Windermere’s Phone” by Ada Günther, Théatre National de Luxembourg 2015 and “Selfie” by Bradley Hayward (as Nicole) LMRL, 2015. In 2014 she played a supporting role in the Luxembourgish film Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and in 2015 appeared in the children’s play Die Planeten at the “Philarmonie Luxembourg”.

In addition to her theatre work she undertook environmental and volunteer work in Thailand in 2016 as part of the “Green Lion Volunteering Programme” and in 2017 helped with refugees in Greece as part of the “Catch a Smile asbl ”volunteer programme.

She writes:

Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the arts. When I was a child, my biggest passion was definitely movies, how they came to life, who the characters were and what their backstories were. The capability of the film crew to create a different reality in which the viewer can completely lose themselves, is enthralling. As I grew older this passion developed and expanded into an interest in the creation of art. I began painting and drawing, learning how to work with different materials and colours. I started to take art classes and getting more and more interested in the theatre industry. Costume design and fashion have also been very appealing to me, as has interior design. There is no section in the art department that doesn ?t interest me.


Full CVs can be found on

Joel Horwood


Joel is a playwright, director and dramaturge based in London. His work in theatre includes Fringe First award-winning Food(The Imaginary Body), Stoopud F*cken Animals(Traverse Theatre), I Caught Crabs In Walberswick(Eastern Angles), I ?Peterborough(Eastern Angles), The Planet And Stuff (Polka and Tonic Theatre), A Series Of Increasingly Impossible Acts(Lyric, Hammersmith), I Want My Hat Back (National Theatre) nominated for a ‘Best Family Entertainment’ Olivier Award, This Changes Everything(Tonic) nominated for ‘Best New Play’ at the Writer’s Guild awards, The Little Matchgirl And Happier Tales (Shakespeare’s Globe) and The Berberian Sound Studio (The Donmar Warehouse). Joel also works in film, television and radio. His next play will be performed at The National Theatre in London.






English Theatre Company


The BGT was established in Berlin in 1991 and has performed over 30 shows since then in Luxembourg and Berlin, as well as at theatre events such as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The company has two main aims: firstly to perform a wide range of English-language plays featuring multi-lingual performers; and secondly to encourage new and young acting talent by working with youth actors and individuals at the start of their careers.


The BGT has performed both classic pieces, such as William Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “The Tempest”, Christopher Marlowe’s “Doctor Faustus” and Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” as well more modern and challenging pieces like Liz Locchead’s “Blood and Ice”, C.P. Taylor’s “Good” and in 2018 the Luxembourg premiere of Tom Wright’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. In addition to this, in recent years the company has produced plays by new writers including new adaptations of “Jane Eyre” and “Little Women” by June Lowery and “Class Act” a one-act comedy by the Luxembourgish-American writer Celeste Koehler.


In recent years the BGT has become committed to promoting younger actors and actresses. Student and teenge actors have played prominent roles in “Jane Eyre”, “Little Woman”, “A Christmas Carol” and most notably “Picnic at Hanging Rock”. In 2018 the company co-organised the first “Festival of English-Language School Theatre” at the Kulturhaus Mersch and is prominent in organising the second such event in 2020. “Wolves Are Coming For You” will hopefully be the first of an annual showcase production, highlighting drama students from Luxembourg.


BGT English Theatre Company e.V, 23 rue du Lavoir, l-3358 Leudelange, Luxembourg (00352 26374064/ 6217888560)